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15 de julio de 2019

Música para camaleones (116) Father John Misty - Things it would have been helpful to know before the revolution

It got too hot and so we overthrew the system 'Cause there's no place for human existence like right here On this bright blue marble orbited by trash Man, there's no beating that It was no big thing to give up the way of life we had Oh ho oh My social life is now quite a bit less hectic The nightlife and the protests are pretty scarce Now I mostly spend the long days walking through the city Empty as a tomb Sometimes I miss the top of the food chain But what a perfect afternoon Industry and commerce toppled to their knees The gears of progress halted The underclass set free The super-ego shatters with our ideologies The obscene injunction to enjoy life Disappears as in a dream And as we return to our native state To our primal scene The temperature, it started dropping The ice floes began to freeze From time to time we all get a bit restless With no one advertising to us constantly But the tribe at the former airport Some nights has meat and dancing If you don't mind gathering and hunting We're all still pretty good at eating on the run Things it would have been helpful to know before the revolution Though I'll admit some degree of resentment For the sudden lack of convenience around here But there are some visionaries among us developing some products To aid us in our struggle to survive On this godless rock that refuses to die