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20 de enero de 2013

Vocabulario Fundamental. Animales (22) Adiós, Newton

Newton, sé que fuiste un perro feliz con unos compañeros humanos y caninos maravillosos que te cuidaron y quisieron. Yo te conocí ya con algunos achaques de viejito pero siempre tuviste la misma mirada de animalito afectuoso y agradecido. Adiós príncipe, te recuerdo. 

Dogsong (The Be Good Tanyas) 

Out in the trees, dirt on our knees / we laid him down forever and on that hill / there it was still as in the ever after / he lays his rest we knew it best to lay him down so gently / and now he sleeps where moss does creep and no more is he with me / the birds did cry, and so did i to think of life so lonely / and in their song i heard it long / what sadness, and what beauty / your frind is gone, but you live on / in life you loved him fully / but now little streams and forests dream and all is made more holy